The Western Trend: Buying Cowboy Boots in Nashville, TN

The Western Trend: Buying Cowboy Boots in Nashville, TN

As you may already know, Western is heavily trending. Cowboy boots, fringe, tassels, prairie dresses and more can be seen all over the runways and major influencers’ Instagram feeds. I’ve been wanting to get in on the trend with a good pair of cowboy boots, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something I may not like. After considering some of the prices the fast fashion brands want for the boots, a much better idea arose: I was already scheduled to fly to Nashville, Tennessee for a work conference for my full time job, so why not buy an authentic pair of cowboy boots while I’m here? 768072D8-BBE0-4187-BA3A-1334AC1CB76B

I found my way to the Opry Mills mall in between workshops for the conference, and discovered the Boot Factory Outlet upon walking through. I was pretty clueless on where to even begin with buying authentic cowboy boots, but one look at this store told me it would be perfect for my mission. The aroma of fresh leather immediately filled my nostrils as I entered the store, which was definitely promising (considering some of the faux leather nightmares currently on the market). I asked the sales associate (Kelly) for a boot that doesn’t scream “I’m a cowboy boot!” You know, with the tassels, studs, fringe, the works. I’m a city girl after all, where cowboy boots aren’t really a thing, so I wanted to be as subtle as possible.

She took me through the women’s section, and as she explained the types of boots and toe types, I peeped those prices and died a little inside. Women’s cowboy boots cost hundreds of dollars! Who is paying for that? *whips out binoculars for closer search* At that moment, I recalled my oldest and easiest hack for this type of situation: don’t sleep on the kids section! When you have small feet, wearing children’s shoes can save you so much money. Once she took me over there I was able to find this gorgeous pair of chocolate brown boots on sale for $50! *praise dance* I snatched them up immediately. They are super comfortable, really roomy in the toe area (which comes in handy when I want to wear thicker socks in the winter), and their neutral tone can be matched with anything! $50 versus $250+? An eighty percent savings minimum, which means more money for Nashville hot chicken!


Ironically enough, I saw a pair of cowboy boots in Forever21 immediately after my purchase in the Boot Factory. They wanted $50 for PU leather, and the boots were too kitschy, with the flamboyant stitching and tassels. They weren’t even cute. If you’re going to go all out with the fixings, it looks ten times better on authentic boots, so I definitely recommend the splurge if that’s what you’re going for. Seeing these, I felt even more confident in my decision to purchase authentic, higher quality boots for the same price, and look forward to bringing the trend home to DC to try!

Are you feeling the Western trend? If so, what’s your current favorite piece? Let’s chat!