Working Woman Wednesday: The Return

It’s Wednesday, the first one of the fall season! You know what that means, right? The return of Working Woman Wednesday! *spirit fingers* I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where this series has been, what I’m doing with it, and the answer is simple: I took a break for the summer! I don’t feel that I can effectively discuss appropriate workwear considering this summer heat in DC is DISRESPECTFUL. My office is lucky I made it fully clothed most days, if we’re being honest (lol!). IMG_6190_Facetune_05-09-2018-10-45-33

Today’s WWW is focused on transition pieces. Just because summer is officially over, doesn’t mean that the hot weather is going away anytime soon. I’m in the process of switching my closet around for the new season, but I’m not quite ready to show off all of my sweaters and faux leather. How do you deal? My look of choice today is on the simpler end of transitioning style. My button-down top is from Forever21. If you remember from previous posts, understand that I live for and love basic items! My shirt is pretty old, I’ve had it for years, but Forever21 always has the same basic blouses at reasonable prices year-round. I just wear skin-toned camisoles underneath to make them less see-through (quick pro tip: skin toned camisoles work way better under your clothes, as black or white ones tend to distort the color of your blouse). (Similar look can be found here.)


My burgundy palazzo pants are a new find from Windsor. I’ve really been feeling the whole high waisted-wide leg pant movement this summer, as you can see on my Instagram (follow me there if you don’t already!), and I really think they are a great year-round piece as well. These pants can be worn into the fall for their color and light weight. I have several pairs from different brands in varying colors, and they can be worn with T-shirts, sweaters, ankle boots, sandals, and more. I’m huge on wearing what works for your body, and I have a pretty short torso with long legs. Therefore, most clothing items I own are high waisted bottoms and crop tops. Hop on this wide leg pants movement and you won’t be disappointed! (Similar look can be found here.)


My sandals are from DSW. I purchased them this summer, and they have been my go-to shoe for the office. I believe I mentioned them in my summer shoe post. They are super comfortable, and great for transitioning because the nude color is perfect for fall. I will continue to wear them until the weather finally breaks. Moving on to accessories, my watch is from Fossil, my earrings are from Zara (because I’m a Zara woman, everyone knows that lol), and my bag is LV. I wear these items year-round, and the fall transition is no exception. The earrings are a recent find, as I’ve been visiting Zara more frequently. I love their retro style, and how they add oomph to every look. (Similar look can be found here.)

That’s all I have for today, lovelies! I hope this post has been helpful in your search for looks to wear in the office and beyond, while we wait for the fall weather to finally arrive. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping! Don’t forget to subscribe here and to my YouTube channels for more content.