Kam’s Top 5 Items to Pack for a Vacation

Kam’s Top 5 Items to Pack for a Vacation

Summer time means peak vacation season. People are catching flights, trains and cruise ships to their favorite destinations, because we all have to live our best lives, right? My boyfriend and I took our first baecation for my birthday this past weekend (stay tuned for an upcoming post about it!) and this question popped into my head while packing: what are the most important things to bring on a trip? I have the annoying habit of wanting to have too many options, and overpacking my bag as a result. *sigh* How do you deal? I think I’ve come up with a pretty good system now, and today I will share the five things I cannot go without on a weekend vacation. Warning: this is quite a read. Get comfortable and dive in! F1F61804-4E67-4028-B0D1-9BAA249C035E

First on my list is wipes. Baby wipes, Summer’s Eve, whatever you need, in a travel size. It may sound a bit weird, but these are so helpful when you want to freshen up while on the go. I always keep a pack in my bag for everyday use, and I really rely on them during that time of the month to help keep myself clean throughout the day. You also never know when the hotel you’re staying in won’t have decent toilet paper (a huge no-no), or when you have a super long layover at the airport, so it’s always great to be prepared. I use the Summer’s Eve wipes, which can be found at Target, CVS, or any grocery store in the feminine product aisle.


The second item I absolutely need is my iPad. My iPad has become a staple in my life, and is especially important for my travel routine. With it, I have plenty of games, Netflix, YouTube, anything I need for the long car ride or flight to keep me entertained. To maintain productivity, I can answer emails and continue to create content during my trip. When we are stumped and need directions, or a great place for a quick meal, I can use the Maps app to help out, and I live by Yelp as far as finding the best restaurants. While my iPhone can also do most if not all of these things, the iPad battery lasts so much longer. I preserve my phone battery while being on my iPad, as it is not always convenient to be plugged into the wall (because my portable charger is dead most of the time lol).

Third on the list is haircare products. Of course! Who could survive a vacation without a bonnet, or jojoba oil? I know I can’t. Even if I have a protective style in (wig, braids, etc.), I have to at least bring a moisturizer and my bonnet or scarf for protection at night. Speaking of moisturizer, that brings me to the fourth item. I absolutely have to have my lotions and creams, because the melanin must be popping at all times! I’m currently loving The Body Shop’s cocoa butter and I pretty much bathe in it every day. It’s perfectly moisturizing without being too heavy, which can be great for any location and climate I visit. Just be sure everything is travel sized, if you are flying! Airlines are so picky about large containers, so I usually buy the little travel size bottles from Target and fill them.


The final item on my list is a staple travel bag. Duh! You can’t bring all your goodies on vacation without an awesome bag, right? I have a few favorites I purchased recently that I swear by. For an overnight or weekend trip (1-2 nights), I use my Lacie duffel bag by Sole Society. I purchased mine on sale at the end of last year and have used it a few times now, so I can say that it’s so perfect! It’s just the right size for carrying 3-4 outfits (because I like options), 1-2 pairs of shoes, and toiletries. It’s great carryon size as well for most airlines, not to mention how beautiful the vegan leather is! For slightly longer trips (or if I just want more options), I use my PINK wheelie from Victoria’s Secret. It’s adorable, and perfectly sized for my petite frame, so the bag isn’t wearing ME when walking through the airport. This is also carryon friendly, and I can comfortably fit 5-6 outfits, with my toiletries and a shoe bag for my sandals. For any incidentals, or anything that I need on the plane or in the car, I use my LV Neverfull GM. This is already my everyday bag, but it’s really handy while traveling because its large size can accommodate my essentials: iPad, iPhone, wallet, keys, money, wipes, everything.

I know this was a long post, but I have so much info to share, lovelies! Traveling is one of my biggest passions, and I’m excited to finally bring you guys along for the ride. What do you put in your suitcase when you travel?