2018 Zaful Swimsuit Try-On Haul: Scam or Nah?

2018 Zaful Swimsuit Try-On Haul: Scam or Nah?

Hi, lovelies! Happy summer! It’s finally naked weather here in the DMV (even though we’ve been having all these cooler spring days lately), and with that comes cookouts, beaches and funnel cake! I hope I didn’t say that too loud, does anyone else love funnel cake as much as I do?

I had planned on taking a few vacations this summer (fingers crossed it still happens that way *eye roll*), so I purchased a bunch of swimsuits from Zaful a while back. The plan was to do a haul video for the channel, but I thought it best to post here instead! Here’s how I feel about them. For reference, I am 5 feet tall, and all suits were purchased in a size medium.

Knotted Thong Bikini

This first suit is super cute! I rated it a 5 out of 5 because the quality is pretty good. As I’ve stated before, I have pretty large boobs for my size, so it’s hard for me to find suits that give me the right amount of coverage I’m comfortable with. The bikini top is very generous with the amount of fabric it has, and the tie in the front is adjustable, a bonus. The bottoms have just the right amount of stretch, and show a good amount of booty without it being too much. And can we talk about this color? I don’t wear a lot of red, but I really need to do more because this color pops!

Knotted Scoop Bikini

This second suit is just as pretty as the first. I wear a lot of pink, so this hot pink bikini drew me in immediately. I rated this suit a 5 out of 5 for the vibrance of the color, and the quality of the suit is very nice. It offers just the right amount of coverage for the important bits, and there’s even a nice amount of padding to help smooth the swimsuit out (I really hate when swimsuits have no support for the girls!). The knot in the front isn’t quite as appealing as it was on the site, but it’s nothing to worry about as I will wear the suit regardless.


High Cut Bandeau Bikini

I gave the third suit I purchased a 4 out of 5 because the top looks really weird when put on. The swimsuit overall is adorable, but the boning along the sides sticks out at awkward angles. The padding for this top is also a bit strange, but I appreciate that both the top and bottom are very full coverage. I’ve always wanted a white bikini, so I will make this work for the price (I believe I only paid around $18 for the whole suit). Maybe if I wear the top upside down, it would look better.

Spaghetti Strap Plunge Thong Bikini

Tie Front Beach Kimono

I took a real risk with this last suit I bought. I generally don’t wear super revealing items, but this orange was so beautiful that I had to try it. As with all the others, the quality of this bikini is great. What I have a problem with is how revealing it is (mainly due to my being reserved about showing body). I appreciate that there’s no side boob, because the top does a great job of covering that. However, there’s entirely too much cleavage showing in the middle. I’ve had friends and family tell me to show off my body since it looks nice, but I’m shy! I barely show cheeks unless they’re covered up. Even the bottoms are barely there, and half my booty is hanging out. *sigh* I gave this swimsuit a 4 out of 5, to be generous. There’s nothing wrong with the suit itself, I’m just not sure how much I like it for myself.

I bought a coverup to go with all these swimsuits, and it’s so beautiful! I read all the reviews before purchasing and I love it. It’s feminine, dainty, and perfect for the beach. I’m so appreciative of the quality and attention Zaful gives their products now, in comparison to when I ordered swimsuits a year or two ago.

I hope this haul has been helpful for anyone looking for affordable, high quality swimsuits for the summer! I’m really excited to wear them on my upcoming trips, and will definitely be uploading to the ‘Gram as I go! If you would like more hauls like this, let me know. Happy shopping!