NURI Designs: Luxury Goods and Positive Vibes to Kick off Summer

NURI Designs: Luxury Goods and Positive Vibes to Kick off Summer
I’ve always been a firm believer in supporting local brands. When we lift our own creatives and entrepreneurs up, it brings exposure, opportunities and much needed love to our city.

I had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of NURI Designs, a luxury accessories brand that truly achieves the marriage of fashion and function. According to Kareem (one of the partners for the brand), each bag is made of cork (the same material you find on wedges and in bottles of wine), and takes between 16-20 hours to create. The minimalist style and bright colors of the bags really drew me in, and I will happily save up to make a purchase soon.

What I loved most about this event was the overall sense of unity. The amount of black excellence in the room was amazing, and the love and support was felt all around. I actually had a beautiful conversation with Caitlin, the other partner for the brand. Though we just met, I really felt warmth and sincerity in our shared interests. It’s important to find and appreciate like-minded people, who will encourage and support you. She invited me out to the launch, and I’m glad I was able to go and enjoy. The drinks were good, the vibes were chill, and the networking opportunities were endless.


The venue made the space even more intimate, as art studios tend to do. The Fridge is a cute little studio tucked away in a colorful alley near Eastern Market. The juxtaposition of the art on the walls with the bags on display added to the vibrance and inspirational mood of the room.

NURI Designs had an amazing launch event, beautiful bag designs, and I look forward to seeing what’s to come. Check them out at or on Instagram (@nuri.designs).