DCFW Recap (Finally): The Shows

DCFW Recap (Finally): The Shows

I know I’m super late, but I am finally here with my DC Fashion Week recap, lovelies! It’s been a real struggle finding free time lately, unfortunately, and I apologize for my absence. (I'll explain in a later post what's been going on.) I went to several events over that weekend, including press night, MEDIA, and the International Couture Collections show for DCFW. This was my first time going, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have to say that it was a pretty great weekend overall. Huge thank you to the people over at DCFW for the opportunity!

Press night was the chance to get an exclusive first look at the designs that would be shown throughout the weekend. I was able to network with a few of the designers, and gain insight on the people behind the collections.



I had the opportunity to briefly interview Ean Williams, the founder of DCFW, and I gathered some great nuggets from him! I asked him several questions, and collected all the information I could (this was my first interview, please bear with me):

Kam: What inspired you to start DCFW?

Ean: Well, as a fashion designer I launched a fashion show that I held at the Ronald Reagan building...DC had no professional trade show. I tried to enter another trade show...and the budget they gave me to achieve what I wanted was $100,000 for 20 minutes. I knew there had to be other designers that didn't have that type of revenue to put on a fashion show. So I started doing the collection shows, where designers would all share the costs and still be able to showcase their fashions. And I patented DC Fashion Week at that show, as a nonprofit focused on giving back to the community."

Kam: Who is your style icon, or who you look to for inspiration in your work?

Ean: Well, I really like Tom Ford, and how he reinvented Gucci...I also like Balmain.

Kam: What are your future plans for DCFW?"

Ean: [...] To be the Olympics of fashion.

During the International Couture Collections show, there were so many amazing designs and designers! Below are most of my favorites from the evening (be warned, there are a lot of photos!).

The House of Marsya:

The Flowerbaum Collection:

Yuliya Collection:

Cashmere and Pearls:

When Art Becomes Fashion collection by SK Paris:

Valdecio Collection:

Lady Mariama Design Collection:

Corjor International:

Overall, DCFW was an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to go in the fall. Huge thank you to the media team at DCFW for your help and patience.