My Best Winter Skincare Routine

It’s pretty brutal outside, isn’t it? Winter in general isn’t the most forgiving season, but it’s been especially cold in DC the last few weeks due to the cold snap we had. With wintry weather comes the worst: painfully dry skin. I know I’m not the only one, right? How’s anyone supposed to stay hydrated? Thankfully, I’ve found my top three products that are absolute necessities, and are a foolproof way to keep the moisture in your skin this season. I use them in this specific order every day, but you can use the products however you’d like. The best way to retain moisture in your skin is to apply your products while the skin is still damp. I start immediately after my morning shower by rubbing aloe vera gel all over my body. Aloe vera gel is very lightweight and cool to the touch, acting as a great first layer of moisture. I use it for everything, including my hair (It’s especially great for keeping hair bumps and skin irritation away after waxing!). While aloe vera is great during the summer as a light moisturizer, it’ll leave you ashy and sad if used alone during the winter.


After my round of aloe vera, I move on to a new favorite of mine: shea body butter. My girl Jennifer hooked me up* with a gift basket over Christmas (thank you so much!) of her amazing body butters and sugar scrubs from her brand, Juteux. Her body butters are super smooth, moisturizing, and come in a variety of great scents! My favorite is lavender chamomile, but I also enjoy the orange sorbet scent. (I sometimes use her mango splash body scrub in the shower for removing dead skin cells, it smells delicious!) This shea butter is heavier, and has more oil in it to ensure that I stay moisturized all day long. I have really dry skin, and this product does a great job at keeping my arms, legs and feet soft and smooth.


Some days I stop at the shea butter, but I do like to go in with lotion as my final step. I’ve been using Aveeno for years, and it’s the only product I’ve found that keeps my eczema away (I have it on my neck and chest). In a similar process to the LOC method for natural hair, the lotion acts as a cream to seal in all the moisture given by the aloe vera and shea butter. With these steps, I’m guaranteed to be ash-free for the rest of the day!


This method may not work for everybody, but it’s been so good to my skin the last few weeks. If you try nothing else from my routine, definitely check out Juteux body butters and scrubs! The products are all homemade and packed with natural ingredients, so they are great for your skin. Check her out on Instagram at @juteuxbodybutters. I hope my winter skincare routine is helpful for anyone with super dry skin (like me), or anybody who wants to switch up a bit in their own routine. (sidebar, this is my first real beauty post! Yay!) Stay warm and beautiful, lovelies! Make sure that skin flourishes.

*sponsored by Juteux Body Butters