Working Woman Wednesday: Snow Day Blues

It’s Working Woman Wednesday, lovelies! A little snow don’t stop no show, right? Well, it almost did for me this morning. I forgot to put my frost guard on my car last night (a lifesaver if you park on the street/outside), so I almost ruined a perfectly good outfit digging myself out! *eye roll* I was really hoping for a snow day, or at least a two-hour delay, but you can’t always get what you want, so I dressed super cute and warm to make up for it. I’m out here feeling like Michelle Obama (but she don’t have to shovel her own snow though *sigh*) IMG_3773_Facetune_17-01-2018-11-55-00 You guys already know the deal, I have my standard fall/winter “uniform”: turtleneck, high waisted skirt, boots, dress coat (if I’m feeling fancy). Today I’m wearing a black turtleneck from Rainbow. (Yeah, I said it! Lol) I can’t stress enough about the importance and simplicity of basic items. These tops are so perfect for the working woman, as I literally threw this look together last minute and without much thought. Before the season is out, stock up! At $10 each, these turtlenecks are a steal (even cheaper at Forever21!).

My wool skirt is from J Crew, but I actually thrifted it for around $8! If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now: thrift stores are your best friend, especially when you are a college student on a budget. I find a lot of my designer work separates (pants, skirts, blouses, cardigans) right in the thrift store! Nine times out of ten, they’re dirt cheap, and sometimes even still have tags on them. Just wash or dry clean before wearing and you are good to go!


My coat is from Zara, as featured previously on Working Woman Wednesday. Investing in a good quality dress coat is a must for anyone, men and women alike.

My black tights are from DressBarn, and my black boots are from Target. While leather doesn’t really do the best job at keeping you warm, it’s very water repellent, and I’m guaranteed to have dry feet all day, which I keep toasty by wearing socks over the tights. And I finally got my beloved Fossil watch on camera! You guys know I love a good timepiece, and Fossil consistently makes watches of outstanding quality.


Working Woman Wednesday will be back in full swing in spring 2018 (when it’s not so cold), but I couldn’t resist sharing my secrets for today! I hope these tips are helpful for my working women. Until then, stay productive, positive and warm, lovelies!

Check out the links for everything below!

Black Turtleneck (similar look)

Grey Pencil Skirt (similar look)

DressBarn Opaque Control Top Tights (these are super warm, thank me later)

Black Flat Boots (similar look)

Grey Wool Coat (similar look)

Fossil Silver Chronograph Watch (similar look)