Victoria by Ethnicity Brand: Starting 2018 in High Fashion

If you guys haven’t already noticed, I love fashion shows and presentations! They’re a wonderful way to observe different points of view, and to see some amazing designs. (Not to mention the awesome networking opportunities!) Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to the private runway showing of Victoria, a new collection by Desmond Handon of Ethnicity Brand. E9BC9CBB-AA60-4AD3-8E27-BE040544C219

Generally, an Ethnicity Brand garment exudes poise, opulence, and glamour. This collection was no exception, with brocaded floor length gowns and jumpsuits, velvety fur stoles and coats. The color selection was amazing too, each choice making the garments look even more expensive.


My personal favorites of the evening were the gown pictured above, the damask jumpsuit (pictured below), and the forest green brocade gown (pictured below, far right). If I had a high profile event to attend, any of these would be my first choice in a heartbeat. (I just wish I had more fancy places to go!) The show itself was great as well, with a wine reception at the beginning, which was perfect for networking and vibing.



My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and I look forward to what else 2018 has in store for Desmond and Ethnicity Brand.

My look details are below.


Black Thigh High Boots