Streetwear + High Fashion: HOODLVM A/W 17-18 Presentation

Streetwear + High Fashion: HOODLVM A/W 17-18 Presentation

Holiday season is always popping here in Washington, D.C. The event scene is lively, malls and shopping venues are packed, and the fashion selections are to die for. I had the opportunity to attend Siedem, the A/W 17-18 fashion presentation for HOODLVM, a local designer of men’s streetwear who just celebrated his seventh anniversary. While I generally focus on women’s fashion, I have always had a deep appreciation for excellent menswear, and love to see masculine style from different points of view. IMG_3527

The show began with a really great dance performance, which set the mood as several male models stormed the room in a cloud of smoke, draped in heavy puffer coats, flannel and combat boots. This presentation wasn’t the typical runway show I’m accustomed to, as every design was showcased at once. However, this different style gave me a path to better understanding the designer’s aesthetic. I can relate to and appreciate HOODLVM’s sense of boldness, attention to detail, and quality in his urban couture garments. I thoroughly enjoyed the event, which was more of an experience than a show. It definitely gave me Yeezy/NYFW feels.


Speaking of aesthetic, I switched my own up a bit to fit the vibes of this show. Streetwear is definitely not something I wear often, but I can get used to it for its ease, comfort and overall appeal. My entire look is from PrettyLittleThing, and the velvet backpack (mentioned in my velvet lookbook) is from Forever21.



While the holiday season is short, it can definitely be counted on for three things: festive events, loads of family time, and outstanding style choices. HOODLVM’s Siedem show was a must-see, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.