Last Minute Halloween Costume: DIY Deer Antlers/Headpiece

Last Minute Halloween Costume: DIY Deer Antlers/Headpiece

Halloween is a great time for creativity and fun. I have a tradition with my mom, in which we create my costume together from scratch. However, I needed something quick and easy to walk around downtown in, and this deer costume was my creation and inspiration. IMG_3131 For details on the makeup look, check out my last post here.

Besides the makeup, the major focal point of this costume was the headpiece. I literally thought of this costume on Thursday night, so I did not have too much time (or money) to spend a lot of energy on it. I mainly used what I had on hand, with a few supplies from the craft store. Pinterest comes in handy when you need a costume in a pinch! Supplies Used: - White modeling clay (the kind you put in the oven to set) - 2 wooden skewers - 2 sheets of felt (brown and tan) - 1 plastic headband (can be found at beauty supply store or Target) - Artificial flowers (I only had summer flowers on hand, but you can buy seasonal items in the craft store), optional - Hot glue gun - Packing tape (brown or tan is preferred)

First, I wrapped the skewers in the white clay, so the antlers would have a sturdy base. I took small pieces of the clay to create the prongs, those were freehand. Once I finished, I popped the antlers in the oven for about 10-15 minutes on 300 degrees (check the instructions on the clay you use, the temperature and baking time may be different. Please don’t overbake!)

For the ears, I drew and cut out the brown felt first (for the outside), and then used it to cut a smaller shape with the tan felt (for the inner ear). I used the hot glue to attach the ears to the headband, but applied a thin line of brown felt first to mask the original headband color. I applied the antlers with a combination of hot glue and tape. Don’t be afraid to use as much tape as you need! You can always cover the tape you use with more felt (or don’t, if you are using brown tape).

You can stop there, if you want a basic deer look. However, I really wanted more of a hippie deer look, so I went to town with the fake flowers and hot glue. I think it came out great! What are some DIY projects you like to do for Halloween?