Working Woman Wednesday: How to Transition to Fall when it's 90 Degrees Outside

Working Woman Wednesday: How to Transition to Fall when it's 90 Degrees Outside

Just when I thought fall was here to stay, summer comes creeping back like a persistent ex-boyfriend. *eyeroll* I love summer just as much as the next girl; after all, it’s birthday season, naked season, vacation season, all good things wrapped up in one sweltering package. However, it’s super difficult to slay with my fall pieces without having to strip midday in a heat-fueled frenzy. This Working Woman Wednesday is about how I still make a fall style statement, even when it doesn’t feel like fall. image1 (15)

Staying true to my love for basic items, this is the humble white crop top. I always buy a size up to make the shirt longer (and to accommodate for my girls). There are so many varieties and colors, this kind of top can be worn as long sleeved, short sleeved…even a bodysuit will work! This is a great transition piece for summer to fall because it’s not heavy at all, and can be layered and dressed up or down appropriately for different looks. The best part is, these tops easily go for $5-7, so it’s too easy to stock up. I purchased this skirt from Shein at least a year ago, and it is one of my favorite pieces. I’m generally not into wearing prints, but when I find a good one, I run with it! I wore this skirt to work this week and my boss commented on her love of how I coordinated the square pattern in my skirt with my square earrings (from Anarchy Street) …I wasn’t even thinking about it when I styled the look, but it actually works! This skirt is great year-round because it’s the perfect weight, and has a variety of colors (namely some of the oranges, reds and taupes I love for fall). A-line skirts such as this one are a work staple because they are so easy to style, and can be dressed up (with a blouse and jacket for a meeting) or down (with a clean white T-shirt and flats).

image3 (4) My bag is from H&M. I honestly think that almost every working woman in the Washington, D.C. area has some variation of this basic bag, due to its versatility and price point. H&M at Metro Center always has the best selection of these bags, and it seems that the brand drops a different version of it every season. I purchased this one because I love mustard yellow, a great color that can be worn every season. It is available in the standard black and grey as well, deeming it the quintessential work tote. My watch is my holy grail from JORD, and can be styled with anything.(To purchase yours, use my code "naturallykam25sp" for $$ off!) My shoes are super old, but I purchased them from JCPenney. It’s nice to have a good transitional shoe for summer/fall because it’s the best of both worlds. It’s too hot to be completely closed in, but the season for having your toes out is gone, so this shoe is a great compromise, and the color matches perfectly with my skin. I will link a similar look below. How are you coping with the unseasonably warm weather? With items like these in your closet, you can’t go wrong when getting dressed for work or the weekend. Eventually, fall will unpack her bags and settle in. Until then, stay cool and classy, lovelies!

Check out the links for everything below!

Basic Crop Top (similar look) Colorful A-Line Skirt H&M Structured Tote JORD Wood Watch Closed-Toe Brown Sandals (similar look)